Our extensive clubs programme allows pupils to learn new skills, make friends, find a hobby and discover what brings them joy beyond their academic study. We run over 80 lunch-time and after-school clubs which our students can choose from.

Below you will find our clubs timetable and an overview of all the clubs we offer.

Creative Days at SNS are an opportunity for students to experience extra-curricular activities and learning whilst ‘off-timetable’. These drop-down days replace structured classroom lessons and provide activities which are intended to strengthen students’ practical application of skills and provide a deeper learning experience, promoting creativity, well-being, enterprise and innovation.

Creative Days support students by:

  • Linking their learning to the wider world, developing a love and respect for the different cultures and world they live in.
  • Encouraging them to be investigative and independent learners.
  • Providing workshops that acquire the soft skills needed in life after school.