At Stoke Newington School our aim is that everyone enjoys learning and makes outstanding progress, our values confirm this as we set out that everyone is: always learning; understands each other; achieves excellence; enjoys their creativity and commits fully. We have a rich and diverse intake including some very able and intelligent students. By addressing the needs of these most-able students we will raise the attainment of all pupils across the school.

There have been a number of changes in relation to these gifted and talented pupils over the past few years, both within and beyond the school. However, it is expected that these students go on and achieve at least a 7 (B) at GCSE. However, an 8 or 9 (A*s) should also be a likely outcome for this cohort of pupils. Stoke Newington students who are identified as meeting the criteria of most-able should experience teaching and learning in the classroom that stretches and challenges them. These students should also experience engagement in trips, visits and enrichment activities which promote high aspirations and extend learning away from the classroom.

Staff responsible for these most-able pupils are Mr Mathieu Medway.