St Georges College, a part of the University of London delivered their first in a series of medical career workshops to some of our most-able year 11 and 12 students on Tuesday 15th January here at Stokey. For 2 hours students who had expressed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine were led through a series of “mock” medical questions as if they were being interviewed by a medical college for a potential place on the course. Here is what some of our students had to say about the day…

Eve Fisher 11K

The medicine workshop was very interesting as I learnt a lot about the type of questions I would have asked if I were to pursue a career in medicine. It gave me an insight into what a career in medicine would be like and informed me on the likely skills and qualifications I would require.

Moinur Rahman 11E

I enjoyed the programme as it helped me understand what I need to do if I choose science as a pathway. Its boosted my confidence in interviews as I was nervous at first.

Have a go yourself, how would you respond in this situation?

“2 weeks ago you accidently ran over a cat which died. Today a neighbour knocks on your door asking if you have seen his missing cat” Would you own up or cover up? Students are asked this as it is a lesson in delivering bad news, a crucial role as a doctor.