On Wednesday 6 February, 18 year 8 pupils were invited to a trip to the ADA National College for Digital Skills to learn more about coding, computing and career pathways. Here’s what two of them had to say:

"A few weeks ago a few students from Year 8 went on a trip to the National College for Digital Skills. They took us on a tour so we could see what it was like and they told us about all the different subjects you can study at ADA. I was quite interested in graphics because all the work in graphics looked really good and the subject seemed really interesting. Then we went to a computer room and talked about loads of the possible jobs that can come from doing computer science. We got to code, I then programmed a computer to draw shapes of a size and colour that I chose. Overall the trip was really interesting and I'm glad I went."

"We took the bus to the National College for Digital Skills and when we got there, there was a woman who showed us around. She showed us a classroom where they were designing things using Photoshop. They then took us to a room with lots of computers and we went on to a website called Learning Lab where we learnt how to make shapes and colour them."