Please see our admissions page for details of how to apply

Important sixth form dates:

15th Nov 2019 Deadline for Internal applications
3rd Dec 2019 Internal UCAS Deadline
3rd Dec 2019 Sixth Form Internal Interviews Begins
4th Dec 2019 Year 13 Parents' Evening - 4pm - 6.30pm
11th Dec 2019 Progress Review Day (Year 12 only) - 12noon - 7pm
20th Dec 2019 Last day of Term
21st Dec - 6th Jan 2020 END OF TERM HOLIDAY
6th Jan 2020 INSET Day
7th Jan 2020 First day of Spring Term
15th Jan 2020 Official UCAS Deadline
20th Jan 2020 Sixth Form Internal interviews Begin
28th Jan 2020 Sixth Form Open Morning (10am) - Booking required
11th Feb 2020 Sixth Form Open Morning (10am) - Booking required
12th Feb 2020 Year 12 Parents' Evening - 4pm - 6.30pm
14th Feb 2020 Last day of Term
18th Feb - 21st Feb 2020 HALF TERM HOLIDAY
24th Feb 2020 Sixth External Applicants deadline
28th Feb 2020 Creative Day
2nd Mar - 6 Mar 2020 Year 13 Mock Exams
16th Mar 2020 (w/c) External Sixth Form Interviews
3rd Apr 2020 Last day of Term
4th Apr - 20th Apr 2020 EASTER HOLIDAY
20th Apr 2020 INSET Day
21st Apr 2020 First day of Summer Term
4th May 2020 Year 12 End of Year Exams in Class
8th May 2020 Bank Holiday
21st May 2020 Community Evening 5pm - 7pm
22nd May 2020 Last day of Term
25th May -29th May 2020 HALF TERM HOLIDAY
18th Jun 2020 Year 13 Prom (TBC)
30th Jun 2020 Sixth Form Induction Day
3rd July 2020 Summer Showcase 5pm - 7pm
6th July 2020 - 17th July 2020 Year 12 Work Experience
17th July 2020 LAST DAY OF TERM