About the 2019-2021 Scheme

We are passionate about learning and use innovative and creative approaches to deliver engaging lessons that challenge our students intellectually, and develop them to be lifelong learners. Students are set ambitious targets and then given the support and constructive feedback they need to achieve them.

This year we are making use of the iPads to provide students with the tools to complete their EPQ and/or BTEC. Building on our integration of Office365 and other online resources to support teaching and learning; preparing students for independent work and learning using tools essential to success in the modern world.

To achieve this we are asking for parental support to ensure that all students have access to an iPad.

How the scheme works

1. The charity “The Learning Foundation” is handling collections, gift aid and the administration on our behalf.

2. The school provides students enrolled in the scheme a device which they will use for:

Research | note taking | essay writing | time management | communication and collaboration

3. In addition, the school will provide:

Access to: Office365 | Show My Homework | printing | Hardware support for devices (including accidental damage insurance) | Four sessions a year to support and develop the students' use of technology to support their learning. We also provide TouchTyping and OneNote Learning tools, and will be exploring additional supportive technology.

4. Parent are asked to contribute £13.50 per month for 24 months(*) (collected by the Learning Foundation). Tax payers should also complete the Gift Aid declaration. We are committed that no one will be excluded from the programme because of their financial circumstances(**).

For students with the Sixth Form Bursary, the School can manage your contribution directly. Please see Bursary letter for more information.

5. To secure the scheme a deposit of £75 is required. At the end of your child’s time with the school, there would be a this deposit can be used so that they can take ownership of a device to support their move to Higher Education, training or employment

(*) If you can donate a larger value on a quarterly or Annual basis, please do. This will reduce the administrative charges and help us with the sustainability of the programme.

(**)If you wish to discuss this contribution, please contact Stewart Hesse (Director of Sixth Form)

About the Learning Foundation: Parents information sheet 2018

Important LEGAL information about Gift Aid.

It is very important to the financial viability of the programme that Parents who are UK Tax payers complete the Gift Aid declaration, and that it be the Tax Payer who sets up the direct debit. - This allows the Learning Foundation to claim Gift Aid from the government without costing you a penny more, and helps us cover costs on the administration of the service.

How to sign up for access to the scheme

1 - Collect and read the paperwork on results/interview day.

2 - Set up the Direct Debit via the Learning Foundation.

3 - Return a signed copy of the Home/School Agreement form to the SNS IT Services team office (U015 in C Block).

4 - On the first days of term: Pay the deposit via ParentPay. (This covers taking ownership of device at end of scheme)

(Parent Pay -> Sign in ->Payment Items -> 6th Form Laptop Scheme) Parent Pay accounts will be issued at the start of term.

Once the Direct Debits and deposits are confirmed we will begin deploying iPads.