Sadler’s Wells

Stoke Newington School and Sadler’s Wells are proud to partner as part of the Sadler’s Wells Associate Schools Programme. We work closely together, creating more opportunities for students to watch, explore and learn through dance, drawing on Sadler’s Wells diverse artistic programme and embedding arts into school.

Sadler’s Wells believes access to dance and the arts is fundamental when it comes to the development of young people. Not only does it provide a window into new worlds, but it helps build self-confidence, imagination and empathy and schools, like Stoke Newington, play a pivotal role in connecting students to cultural experiences.

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Headliners believe young people have the right to be heard. They empower them to express themselves, tell their stories and change their lives.

“We empower children, young people and young adults to have a voice.

Through our unique multi-media journalism programme children and young people research and produce stories for publication and broadcast about issues that concern them and campaign for change in their communities. Young people from Headliners (UK) have had their stories and campaigns told on BBC, SKY and ITV and many local TV, radio stations and online.

Our learning programme improves the educational and employment prospects for young people, brings young people together from different backgrounds and experiences to improve community relations and helps them make good choices in their own lives. Our young people can gain accreditation in a range of digital media skills, journalism and personal progression.

Young people are involved in decision making across the organisation and four of our Trustees are former participants in the Headliners (UK) programme.”

Headliners run a weekly podcasting & media workshop in C02.

Headliners (UK)

Jus Ball

“Our mission is to change the sporting industry. We aim to do this on different levels depending on where our passions lie. Our early-stage learning programs are inclusive all abilities and genders. Based on the brain and the research embarked on by experts in motor skill acquisition. Our elite athlete mentoring provisions help professional athletes find marginal gains to improve their games both on and off the pitch. Our Futures programs are designed to help individuals find employment in sports and we have a freelance media team.

Our diverse team enables us to offer a range of different services and we have more in the pipeline to come.”

Jus Ball works with our Year 10 boys on a Tuesday lunchtime. Invite only.

Jusball UK - Football Training for Children of All Skill Levels in London

National Centre for Circus Arts

The National Centre for Circus Arts is a registered charity and one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education. Based in a magnificent Victorian power station adjacent to Hoxton Square, they involve thousands of people in the creation and performance of circus arts every year.

“Our diverse range of work includes a BA Hons degree in Circus Arts, a structured progressive training programme for under 18s and professional development opportunities for aspiring and established performers. Adults and young people can take part in a range of recreational classes and we provide workshops and away days for the business community.”

Hackney Empire

Since 1901, Hackney Empire has been at the very heart of its community – a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come together.

Generations have had their first experience of live performance in our legendary venue and each year thousands of young people discover at Hackney Empire a safe space where arts and creativity transform lives. But as we rebuild post-pandemic we need your support.

Rugby Fives Association (RFA)

The RFA is the the Rugby Fives Association, the governing body for the sport of Rugby Fives. SNS are lucky to have six Fives Courts in our playgrounds.

“We aim to promote the playing and coaching of Fives at schools, universities and senior level, and throughout the community in general. We do this by organising matches and tournaments throughout the season and advising on – and wherever possible supporting financially – the regeneration of facilities and provision of suitable coaching and equipment to further the game’s development across the country.

We also provide governance for the sport across all sections of the game and work hard to make this wonderful sport, full of heritage, accessible to as many people as possible – both players on the court and spectators off it.”

We have Fives clubs at lunchtime and afterschool on Thursdays and Fridays.