Our aim is to create an enhanced learning environment for students, equipping them with first-hand experience of a modern media suite and fostering an interest and engagement in the media industry. Unlike the constraints of learning in a classroom, SNS Media Studios will better prepare our students, whilst bridging the gap between education and the realities of working in a real studio environment. ​We are also passionate about increasing global majority representation within the creative industries and feel this facility would go a long way in helping us to achieve that.

Whilst offering an excellent hireable facility in the heart of our community we hope to collaborate with local creative businesses to provide work experience and enrichment opportunities to further enhance the learning of SNS students.

SNS Media Studio spaces will include:

  • Green Screen Studio with U-shaped infinity cove
  • Photography Studio
  • Lighting Control & Live-tethered editing desk
  • Hybrid Studio for sound recording, design & editing plus advanced video editing
  • ADR-Foley Studio
  • Editing Suite
  • Storage Room
  • Café
  • Multi-use Hall (a perfect breakout space)

Fundraising Support
Our ambitious plans for the SNS Hub rely upon the school raising additional funds to cover the fitout and equipment within each of the spaces shown above. We are particularly interested in building partnerships with local businesses and organisations that can offer financial support, equipment donations, or opportunities to work with our students. Your support, or simply sharing of our SNS Hub website links will be greatly appreciated and will help us to deliver the best possible provision for students.
Donations can be made directly via our gofundme. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute to a particular item listed in our donations wish list or discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Aaron Critoph- Assistant Headteacher, Director of the SNS Hub - hub@sns.hackney.sch.uk

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