At Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form, we want all our students to be proud of the school in which they study, and be respectful and engaged members of the SNS community.

Our Core Values





Our expectations of each and every Stoke Newington School student:

  • We are on time for lessons in the correct uniform with all the necessary equipment.
  • We actively participate in lessons and show commitment to our learning and that of others.
  • We work with all members of the class and support each other.
  • We respond promptly and respectfully to all staff instructions.
  • We do not argue or refuse to follow the instructions of a member of staff.
  • We walk on the left around buildings in corridors and stairwells.
  • We keep our voices quiet showing consideration towards others.
  • We are always polite and show courtesy by holding doors open and allowing others to pass.
  • We eat only in the Blue Bird Café or outside.
  • We pride ourselves on keeping our school litter-free.