At Stoke Newington School we believe that for students to live happy and productive adult lives, it is important that they are equipped to:

  • express themselves clearly in speech and communicate in a wide range of contexts
  • listen astutely to others in a wide range of contexts
  • read for both meaning and pleasure to a sophisticated level
  • write clearly and effectively across a range of forms

We believe that it is the duty of all the adults in school to work towards this.

Across the curriculum, teaching and learning should reflect this emphasis on individual progression in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Stoke Newington School serves a diverse community where many languages and varieties of English are spoken. Staff and students should be taught to understand and respect these differences and to recognise that some students will need more tailored teaching and support for them to develop the necessary language skills. Speakers of English as an additional language are best supported through inclusion in well-planned whole class teaching that exposes them to a range of high quality spoken and written English.

Research clearly shows that reading for pleasure underpins educational attainment across the board, and so we aim to provide opportunities for students to develop this through: an engaging and appropriately resourced library; time within the school day to read; events throughout the year to promote reading, such as author visits.

In that, we have created a recommended reading list for the school. All students have a copy of this but you can also view this here: Reading list

The school library is also now an online service where students can choose, research and reserve a book online and then collect their book from the library.

We have a dedicated reading session every day where the students in years 7-11 will spend 15 minutes reading with their form. They may read their own book individually or at times the tutor will select a form reading book.

For more information about our literacy resources and provisions please see the literacy policy on this site.