Tuesday 19th March 2024

As we draw closer to the end of Spring Term, please see below arrangements.

Club Information

All after-school and lunchtime clubs will be ending this year on Wednesday 27th March 2024, and our essential breakfast club provision will run until the last day of term, Thursday 28th March.

Collection of Lost Property

Please ask your child to check Reception for any items they may have lost this term before Thursday 28th March. All unnamed and unclaimed remaining items after the end of term will be donated to charity.

Non-Uniform Day – Thursday 28th March

A donation of £1 to participate in non-uniform day will be collected from students on arrival and money raised will be donated to Honeypot | UK Children's Charity for Young Carers. Students are encouraged to wear orange or yellow as part of the theme.

Dismissal Times - Thursday 28th March

The morning will be normal lessons for the first two periods and in the third period we will mark the end of this term with assemblies, awards, and tutor time. Dismissal of all students will be at the following times:

Time of Dismissal

Year Group


Years 12 and 13


Year 11


Year 9


Year 8


Year 7

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals and would like a packed lunch for Thursday 28th March, please email admin@sns.hackney.sch.uk with your child’s full name and tutor group by Tuesday 26th March 2024.

With kind regards,

Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form