17th July 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

SNS Home Learning Week 14 – End of Academic Year 19/20

Today marks the last day of this most unique and challenging of academic years. As stated in last week’s letter, we plan to open to all year groups in September. The Department for Education guidance for schools re-opening cites four main areas for implementation:

  1. Enhanced cleaning
  2. Good hand and respiratory hygiene
  3. Limit mixing of groups
  4. Social distancing

We will implement measures to address all four in priority order as fully as we possibly can do, taking into consideration our broad and balanced curriculum offer.

I will write to you in more detail of how we intend to do this early next week, but for now it is important you have the start of term dates, which are set out below.

Autumn Term 2020

Year Group


Year 7

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th SeptemberTransition

Monday 7th September 8:35am – 10.00am

Year 8

Monday 7th September 9:00am – 10:30am

Year 9

Monday 7th September 10.00am – 11:30am

Year 10

Monday 7th September 11.00am – 12:30pm

Year 11

Friday 4th September 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Year 12

Monday 7th September 11.00am – 12:30pm

Year 13

Friday 4th September 1.15pm – 3.15pm

Tuesday 8th September Y7, Y11 and Y13 - normal lessons begin.

Wednesday 9th September – normal lessons for all students.

Please note the allocated times above for each year group are for students to collect their new timetables, meet their tutor, understand the new adapted routines and have a tour of the school before normal teaching begins from Tuesday 8th September 2020 for Years 7, 11 and 13 and for the rest of the school from Wednesday 9th September 2020. It is imperative students are present promptly at these sessions so are fully aware and confident of the modified school practices.

I know there is much to take in, so I will be writing to the parents of each year group, to ensure you are clear of the timetable model and how it affects your child. This will be with you early next week together with a reminder of our equipment list and uniform requirements.

For now, as we say farewell to this academic year and all that it has taught us about the benefits of the use of technology.

Wishing you a wonderful, safe summer.

Zehra Jaffer