Please see below reminder of start dates for year groups and key information.

Year 7 and 12 Induction will take place on Wednesday 6th September. Information has been sent to parent/carers separately.

For other year groups, students’ first day will be Thursday 7 September, with all students expected to arrive by 8.25am for registration at 8.30am. The first two lessons will be an induction, allowing for students to collect timetable, school planner and tutor activities. From Period 3, lessons will begin.

A reminder of entrance and exit gates can be found below:

Year Group

Entrance Gate

Year 7

Clissold Road

Year 8

Clissold Road

Year 9

Clissold Road

Year 10

Albion Road

Year 11

Clissold Road

School Day Structure and Term Dates 2023 – 2024

This year, we will follow a 5-period day. Please see the updated timetable below:






Period 1


Period 2


Break Time


Period 3


Period 4




Period 5


End of the Day

To view our term dates for next academic year, please click on this link.

Uniform Reminders

Students are required to wear full school uniform with pride, making for a positive learning environment. Key reminders are below.


Students should wear black leather shoes, not trainers or boots. Please check the website for examples of shoes acceptable to wear.

Prohibited Uniform Items

A reminder that students are not allowed to wear acrylic nails, smart watches, hoodies and ear phones. Students are permitted to wear one stud earring in each ear and a nose stud. Any other jewellery is not permitted and is not to be worn to school.

Year 9 - Key Stage 4 Blue Shirts

Students in Year 8 currently will need to purchase a blue shirt for next academic year as they go into Year 9 as part of the Upper School.

You can find a link to our uniform requirements and suppliers using this link.

We look forward to welcoming students back this week.