Q: How does my child sign-up for clubs?

A: The majority of our clubs are drop-in. For clubs that require sign-up, a sign-up link will be sent to Parents and Students.

Q: For sports/active clubs, does my child have to wear a PE kit or can they wear their own clothes?

A: Pupils will need to bring in and wear suitable clothing. Their PE kit is perfectly fine however any sports attire is acceptable. If football is a chosen activity, appropriate football boots are essential. The PE department will not loan out any kit or footwear for after school activities.

Q: Is there a maximum capacity for clubs? What happens if my son/daughter is unable to get a place?

A: There is a maximum capacity for some clubs. If your child does not gain a place in their chosen club, we will put your son/daughter on a waiting list and they will be able to join the club next term.

Q: Do I need to pay for clubs?

A: Most clubs are not charged for, apart from Cooking Club and Music lessons. These are paid for via ParentPay.
If you would make a voluntary donation, these are also paid for via ParentPay.

Q: How can my child join music lessons?

A: For music lessons, priority goes to GCSE and A Level pupils then to KS3.

Lessons occur weekly for a half hour during the day. Their lesson slot time would change to ensure they aren’t missing the same lesson. The timetable is sent to parents/carers the week before they begin each term and is posted in the music corridor to help pupils keep track.

If your child is interested in taking lessons, you can complete the following registration form and if there is a time slot available, confirmation will be given.

More information on our SNS music extracurricular programs can be found on our website: www.snsmusic.co.uk

If you have any other questions about clubs, please email our Enrichment Officer, Lois Gillie loi.gil@sns.hackney.sch.uk