Personal, Political and Philosophical Studies equips students with the understanding, knowledge and skills to make informed decisions in leading healthy, safe and responsible lives in their own community and wider. Our students are able to reflect their own views in accordance with complex and maybe conflicting values and attitudes they may encounter later on. We also equip our students with the skills of enterprise which will support them in making positive choices in relation to career and finance options.

At Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form, PPP is split into three main components:

  1. Personal wellbeing, Relationship Education (RSE), Careers and Financial capability
  2. Political Citizenship, Rights and Responsibilities in a wider world
  3. Philosophical, learning of religions and different beliefs

All students undertake a programme where each half term they specialise in one of the three components.

Personal Studies

We understand each student is unique in their own wellbeing, our personal studies programme contributes and reaffirms a young person’s own development in their identity and character.

We enable our young people to develop the understanding, knowledge and skills set to succeed as confident individuals establish their own identity and building resilience. Our students are enabled with the knowledge of what constitutes a loving relationship and the strength in understanding and ensuring consent is given at every point in their lives. At SNS, our personal lessons hope to provide young people with knowledge in recognising and coping with risks and are then able to apply the skills to make reasonable choices. Our programme of study provides students the knowledge in how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In Year 7 we explore what puberty is, changes to both sexes and how to establish a healthy hygiene regime. As student progress into Year 8 we explore the dangers of using the internet, cyberbullying, social media and how we establish consent. In Year 9 students understand the different family dynamics and the first understanding of substance misuse. As student transition into KS4, further development of already established learning is deepened. Year 10 and 11 students explore what constitutes a healthy relationship, sexual health and how they take care of their health. Further into Year 11 students explore concepts of drugs with the work of Young Hackney and what a safe and loving relationship looks like, how to look after their own health with cancer checks and first aid. Our students will have drop down days over the course of the learning per year to meet further statutory and curriculum requirements.

Political Studies

Our political studies programme enables our young people with the understanding, knowledge and skills to play an active role within the school community and also in the wider world. Students understand the importance of their role in holding our democratic power to account and how they can make a difference. At SNS our students develop the skills in making informed decision, how to be active in making a difference, negotiating and working collaboratively.

Our structured programme enables all students to build the knowledge and concepts sequentially across KS3 and KS4. In Year 7 students explore what their own rights and responsibilities are in a school and wider community and how human rights have enabled this. Into Year 8 students learn what our law-making bodies are and how our criminal justice system works. Students also explore what Citizenship GCSE entails and comprises of. As they progress into Year 9 students are equipped with the knowledge of how the democratic system works, students also undertake an active citizenship campaign in raising awareness on a social issue. Into KS4 students will understand the importance of rights in the workplace, when do human rights clash and are withheld and further into Year 11 the global institutions.

Philosophical Studies

At SNS our community is enriched with many different religions and beliefs. With the wider world reflecting this we must equip our students with the tolerance and mutual respect of all regardless of beliefs. Our philosophical programmes equip our students with the understanding of different religions, beliefs and practices. Our lessons also enable our students to explore their own beliefs whether this is a religious, spiritual or a non-religious belief. We have designed a structed programme of study in Year 7 students explore what it means to have beliefs in religion or not. Students in Year 7 explore their first religion in the programme, Christianity. As students enter Year 8 students explore Islam and Sikhism as well as understanding of the Religious Studies GCSE option. Into Year 9 students understand Judaism especially with the locality of the school, students are also equipped with the knowledge and understanding of Hinduism beliefs and practices in relation to travel. As students transition into KS4 they explore Buddhism, Islamophobia and alternative views of fate and destiny, atheism and other non-religious concepts.

Curriculum map for Years 7-11


Our students will have the opportunity to visit the local church as part of their Christianity workshop. We have session organised and executed by Diversity role models and Young Hackney. As part of their social action campaign in Year 9 students are encouraged to visit local charities that advocate their issue.

Careers and Future Pathways

We hope for our students to leave SNS understanding their own rights and responsibilities to the wider community. Our aim is that they leave fully understanding how to be active in challenge and changing the world around them. The skills that they have acquired should include; listening to different views, challenging any ideas in a constructive manner, finding common ground and solutions in order to impact change.

We expect them to respect and celebrate diversity in all areas of their lives. We want them to continue to learn and being informed about the wider social, political and religious issues they will experience as young adults.