The role of a parent in supporting their child's mental health is crucial. As a parent, it is important to understand that children's mental health needs are just as important as their physical needs. Communication between parents and schools is also key to addressing any difficulties or concerns regarding children's mental health.

As a part of our commitment to supporting our students' mental health, we provide access to internal pastoral counsellors, A Space To Talk, an external counselling service. We maintain a strong working relationship with CAMHS & First Steps, the NHS's main providers of mental health support in the area. Additionally, our school is part of the Wellbeing and Mental Health Project, a borough-wide initiative that brings together best practices in mental health support across Hackney. By utilizing these resources and maintaining open communication with the school, parents can ensure that their child receives the support and care that they need to succeed.

Parents can make use of resources below to help them navigate their child's mental health needs and communicate effectively with their child's school. By advocating for their child's mental health, staying informed, and seeking support when needed, parents can lay the groundwork for their child's overall well-being and success.