Welcome to A level Computer Science

Key stage 5 in Computer Science

In response to the nation’s increasing demands for programmers, Year 12 students are offered the opportunity to study Computer Science.  Widely considered as the fourth science, Computer Science will develop skills in programming, problem solving and analytical thinking. This qualification provides students with a range of transferable skills in areas such as maths, science and design and technology.

The OCR Computer Science course H446 at A level offers students’ knowledge and skills in:

  • Data structures
  • Problem solving
  • Theory of computation
  • Data representation
  • Computer systems
  • Computer organisation and architecture
  • Consequences of uses of computing
  • Communication and networking
  • Object oriented programming
  • Complex data structure
  • Students create a project of their choice using valuable skills they learn doing the course. This could further be developed into something in which an app company might be interested.

Assessment - exams test a student's ability to program, as well as their theoretical knowledge of computer science.

  • 2 written exams: 2 hours  30 minutes - 40% each of A-level
  • Non-exam assessment that assesses student's ability to solve or investigate a practical problem.

Year 12 curriculum map | Year 13 curriculum map