Exam Board – Edexcel Course Code: 9DR0

Link to website - https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/drama-and-theatre-2016.html

The course is split into 3 assessments overall.

2 Non Exam Assessments (1 in Year 12 & 1 Year 13)

Component 1 : Devising (completed in Year 10) – 40% of A-level – students are internally assessed on both their performance (10% of A-level - 15 marks) and a portfolio that evaluates the development process (30% of A-level - 45 Marks). They will use the methodologies of a given practitioner alongside an extract of a published play text as stimulus to start the devising process.

Component 2 Performance from text (Completed in Year 13) – 20% of A-level - (externally assessed) students will perform or design in TWO performances. ONE will be an extended group performance (up to 45 mins long). The SECOND performance is a monologue or duologue 2-5 minutes long. Performance students are marked on Vocal & Physical skills, Their Characterisation and Communication and the Realisation of Artistic Intentions. Design Students are marked on their Design Skills, Design in context and its communication and the Realisation of Artistic Intentions

1 Exam – 2hr30 Min paper (End of Year 13)

Component 3 Theatre Makers in Practice – 40% of A-level – 2hr 30 min exam paper. Students are assessed in three sections.

Section A – Live Theatre Evaluation 20 marks (1 question) is an evaluation of a live performance. Students will be taken to see a professional production in order to answer this section. They will engage with a given statement in order to support their evaluation of live performance.

Section B – Page to Stage – 36 marks (2 questions) Students answer TWO extended responses to an unseen extract of the set text That Face by Polly Stenham. They need to demonstrate how the, as theatre makers intend to realise the given extract in performance. This is both as a performer and a designer.

Section C – Interpreting a Performance Text – 24 marks (1 question) Students will answer one extended response question form a CHOICE OF TWO in relation to an unseen extract of the set text Woyzeck by Georg Buchner.

Students will need to demonstrate how their reimagined concept will communicate their ideas to a an audience. They must reference a chosen practitioner and how their methodologies support their overall concept.

A-level Drama & Theatre Course Structure

Year 12

In year 12 students will begin by exploring a variety of different performance styles and the influence of chosen theatre practitioners of performance style. Exploring these different approaches to Drama & Theatre will underpin the rest of the course. The intention is that they effectively become theatre practitioners themselves.

In Spring of Year 12 students will devise original performances and be formally assessed as part of Component 1 – Devising (40% of A-level). They will read a published play text and explore the methodologies of a chosen theatre practitioner as a starting point.

After October half term of Year 12 students begin exploring Component 3 Theatre Makers in Practice – by reading and performing extracts of the set text That Face by Polly Stenham. Students will sit a mock Component 3 paper in June of Year 12.

Year 13

In year 13 students consolidate and further develop an understanding of That Face and Woyzeck and sit a mock examination of Component 3 in December.

In March of Year 13 students will rehearse and perform Component 2 Performance from text (20% of A-level) both group pieces and monologue/duologue performances to an external examiner.

In June of Year 13 students will sit Component 3 Theatre Makers in Practice (40% of A-level)


Three things to know:

  • The exams are ‘closed book’ however students are given a particular extract of the set text to focus their answers. However, they will need to demonstrate knowledge of the entire play texts.
  • Pupils need to re-read their own copies of both That Face and Woyzeck independently over the course of their A-level. It is also encouraged that students engage in wider reading each half term. A reading list can be found on the Drama curriculum page on the SNS website.
  • Pupils need to know how the social and historical contexts of both That Face and Woyzeck and how these will influence their performance, directorial and design choices.