Pupils who study A Level PE here at Stoke Newington are pupils who are passionate, engaged and inquisitive about the world of sport. They thrive on grasping new and exciting knowledge across a range of thought provoking and challenging topics and outside of school are participating in at least one sport at a very high level.

In Year 12 students will begin by learning about the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and energy systems. This anatomical and physiological understanding enables students to analyse movements, training and techniques breaking them down into scientific detail so that improvements can be made. Students also delve into ways in which we learn and acquire skills and will understand and debate absorbing theories in personality, motivation and anxiety.

In year 13 students will use their theoretical knowledge to analyse and evaluate another performance in their chosen sport. This oral piece of coursework forms on one their assessed units in conjunction with their own sporting performance. Developing on their knowledge of anatomy and psychology learning from the first-year, students will learn to apply the principles of physics to sport in a biomechanics unit where they will understand fluid dynamics and projectile motion among other concepts. Finally, they draw upon contemporary issues and learn about the development of sport in the third and final exam unit on socio-cultural issues in sport.

The Exam is worth 70% of the final grade and practical assessment and coursework makes up the remaining 30%.

Year 12 and 13 A level PE curriculum maps