Welcome to Geography

Geography is a broad based academic subject which will open up options in your future. Students will find that Geography sits comfortably alongside a full range of other A level subjects as it combines both arts and Science subjects. It provides transferable skills for higher education and beyond. In 2015 the Guardian identified Geography as ‘the must have A-level’.

The A level course covers both the physical and human environments and the complex interaction of processes that shape our world. It will also equip students with the ability to assess how human intervention affects the environment and how people can adapt and mitigate the effects of processes on their environment. This is complex and dynamic and varies from place to place depending on people’s resources, technology and culture. The room for discussion and extended research will help students become independent thinkers who are able to express their opinion in a substantiated way.

The course is 2 years with no AS course offered. A look at the list below shows the breadth of geographical topics covered:

  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Tectonic Hazards
  • Water and Carbon Cycle
  • Globalisation
  • Regeneration
  • Superpower
  • Health and Human Rights

There is an ongoing requirement to develop a wide variety of skills. These will be assessed within the three examination papers. In addition students will attend a field trip at the end of Year 12 and conduct an independent piece of fieldwork on a topic of their choice. Students will complete this in term 1 of Year 13.

The department follows the Edexcel specification.

Year 12 curriculum map | Year 13 curriculum map
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